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This place was pretty darn cool if I say so myself. In your mind when you think of Iowa… what comes to mind? Mountains, corn fields, tractors, snow, old mid western historical buildings? Well it’s everything you’ve ever thought it would be. Being dubbed the state of “Fields of Opportunity!” This recreation of Iowa was in my opinion, spot on! Classic 1800’s-esque western decor and role play. If you are into Role play from past, this is the sim for you!


When you arrive, you are in the information center. They kindly offer you a group tag, a health meter, as well as free clothing to fit the role play sim attire guidelines.


I met a man named Mac who is the sims US Marshall. Very nice guy, and perfectly dressed for his role play sim. He gave me quite a bit of information on the sim and the rules here at Cedar Rapids. The people here are friendly and informative. Here’s a sample of the clothing you would wear here. Cowboy, Old Western, Americana, Native American Indian, and Civilian wear.


nice huh? I thought so too! 🙂

Once you make it out of the information area, you’re into the actual role play zones. You can visit the different houses and historical-type buildings the sim has to offer. The first one I checked out was a very beautiful rustic home in which there are antlers on the wall, vintage old western decor, and old fashioned fire places.



Right outside of that home is a very large bridge with water. Lots and lots of mountains, snow, deer, and bison.


The most extravagant thing about this sim would have to be the extremely large Steam boat. Absolutely gorgeous in size and stature. There is also a picnic area to rest and watch the Steam Boat in all it’s glory.

Iowa_006 Iowa_007

Come check out this sim and relieve the bitter cold lands of Iowa, Cedar Rapids, in the early settlement days. Role play your way around the sim and meet new friends who share the same love for role play and as well as respect for historical Americana.

Check it out for yourselves.

Realistic Value: ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩/10 very much like the real Iowa.

Creativity: ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩/10

Sim Layout: ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩/10

Fun Factor: ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩/10 I am sure it’s much more fun when you have someone here with you.

Traffic Count: 1307

Overall Rating: ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩/10 Great Job!



Helplessly Hopelessly




I got new hair and new outfits lately and my sisserface took my pic. I loveeeee this pic!!

SL lately is… meh. I met this guy when I was just hopping around from sim to sim and he was so nice he helped me figure out a malfunction on my screen and offered to buy me a hud that I want. I told him NO yanno cuz that’s weird. Anyway.. he was hitting on me really bad and I kept changing the subject and had my many guy friends like Dennis, and TJ, and Droe, and Rog and Ray become my new cockblockers. Any way.. he wouldn’t let up. He just kept going and kept asking me to meet up with him at certain times on SL. REDFLAG.

Turns out he was actually partnered to someone. I followed a TP to his house and there were pictures of his “wife” all around the room. That makes me mad. It makes me mad not that he’s married in SL. It makes me mad that he doesn’t even respect her. Like… REALLY? I understand those who are married in RL coming to SL and getting a hall pass or a break from their lover but you’re in the SAME WORLD. Really?????? 😦 I just keep falling into the same trap.










My RL Blog

A lot of people are asking about my Real Life blog. Yes I do have one and just as a warning… it is very personal and there is NO FILTER whatsoever. The link?

Join me if you dare!

I landed at the beautiful sim of ASD Studios. The sim decor is soooo early 90’s Floridian! 🙂 And this girl knows her Floridian 90’s decor.

They recreated the Back to the Future ride that you will find at Orlando’s Universal Studios. I live about an hour south east of Orlando so I’m fairly familiar with Universal. They did a pretty good job! From the description, I assumed they were recreating the entire park. But its only the ride. Still, a pretty good idea and fun too!

b2f_001 b2f_002 b2f_003 b2f_004


The ride automatically puts you into mouselook so I was busy enjoying the ride and not taking pictures! But you get the idea 🙂

Check it out for yourselves!

Realistic Value: ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩/10 very much like the real ride

Creativity: ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩/10

Sim Layout: ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩/10

Fun Factor: ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩/10 I am sure it’s much more fun when you have someone here with you.

Traffic Count: 1105

Overall Rating: ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩/10 Great Job!






Not a day passes where I don’t wish we were able to be closer. Our lives shifted 4 years ago. We were random and it just clicked. I never in a million years expected to meet someone who completes my soul. We talk about EVERYTHING! When I was going through my RL breakup, you were there. When I fell hard for someone new and it didn’t work out, you were there. When the world forgets me, you’re always there to remind me that I am loved and needed and special. I loved your story and I wrote your story in a song. ❤ I hope one day I can give you back half of the support and love you’ve given me. Your RP is so vivid and imaginative and I am envious of your characters. I’ve held you since you were sad and now you’re holding me.

I am your songwriter 🙂

And you’ll forever be my one and only Lyric.

Best Friends even though we’re worlds apart.





Hey guys! LOTS of messages have poured in about Sally’s blog. The truth is, I have been really busy in RL and haven’t been able to RP with her recently. Paul made it easy for me to write him out of her story.. he got too demanding to know about my RL and wanted to get too close. I can’t do that, sorry! So I had to tell him nicely to leave her story. He wasn’t happy about it, but RP is ROLE PLAY. You play a role and character. It’s very simple! Crackden is really hard to find RP’ers that aren’t into rape or deforming. Neither is in her story.. sorry! I will eventually write an ending for her, but my 10 days is up and I did the RP challenge and I have to say.. IT WAS CRAZY! I met a lot of really imaginative people. I met people who spoke words that would make you melt with every line. But… I realize that even with RP.. there are people who want to get too close. I’ll be going back to Stolie.. probably a different last name, but I’ll be back to blogging SIMS that I come across and rating them for you guys. I knoowwwwww you guys loved Sally Torianna but I need a break from RP and just enjoy SL for a little while. I PROMISE it won’t be the last you hear from Sally. ❤ Thanks so much for listening/watching. Blogging has become such a therapy for me in my SL and RL blogs and I love that you guys actually care about both of my lives.

*** Beware! Self Harm Triggers could happen.. self harm is discussed. Please do not proceed if you are easily triggered by self harm material.***

Sally came home around 3am. She unlocked the door and gently put her forehead against the door frame as she shut and locked the door behind her. She stood there for a minute and watched tears stream down her face and could smell the strong tequila on her breath. A wad of curled up bills of money fell out of her hand onto the floor. She turned around and slammed her back up against the door sobbing like a baby as she slid herself down to the floor. She had a black pool of mascara stained tears getting larger and larger on the floor. She laid there on the floor crying until she cried herself to sleep.

The next morning sally awoke startled on the floor. How did she get home? How did she get inside? Why was she sleeping on the floor? Sally was so confused. Her head pounded. Her body felt weak and her legs were sore. She looked at her hand and between the thumb and the palm of her hand was a decent sized L shaped bubble blister. The shame came back to her.

She saw the picture of her father with the lipstick stain on it and she wiped the mark off of the photo frame. “I’m sorry.. I keep letting you down” she said. She walked into the bathroom and got into the shower. Trying to scrub away the shame, she used water so hot you’d swear it was boiling. Sally kept mumbling under her breath “It was just one time.. just one time that’s it. I’m not going back.” She stepped out of the shower and after she dried herself and wrapped the towel around her hungover and bruised body, she stared at herself in the bathroom mirror. Her eyes had a different shade to them today. Her smile was saggy and her skin, a tad faded. Sally kept envisioning her father smiling at her and the way he’d throw his head back when he laughed, as if he was laughing with his entire heart. She imagined him coming towards her and she closed her eyes and let her imagination run free. He walked towards her and reached out for her hand. His mouth opened as if he were trying to say something but she couldn’t hear him. Sally pressed her eye lids together trying to force herself to hear what he was trying to say. A small tear ran down her cheek. This is the moment Sally realized that she had forgotten what her father’s voice sounded like. She slowly opened her eyes and hated the person standing in the mirror looking back at her.  He died for her freedom. He died trying to give her and her mother a life worth living. And she had failed him time and time again.

Sally couldn’t control her emotions. Her emotions were running like a wild fire through her body. She needed something to break the emotion. Something to get her mind off of her father and her failures and her shame. She opened up the medicine cabinet to look for something. She needed an aide. A sleep aid, a pill, an injection, anything she could find that would make her stop thinking. The cabinet didn’t have anything in it that satisfied her so she ran to her kitchen junk drawer. Crying in agony she pulled the entire drawer out of the cabinet and the contents fell on the floor. Inside she saw letters, pictures, and other odds and ends. There was one thing that caught her eye, a box cutter. She sat on the floor and held the box cutter in her hands for a minute. ‘Just do it.. don’t think. It will make it all go away’ she thought. She flipped the box cutter blade up 2 notches, just enough to leave a trace but not a scar. So she thought…

Sally closed her eyes and tried to remember. “Fucking remember!! Why… why cant you remember??” She yelled to her self in a panic. “COME BACK!” She screamed as she furiously gashed her left arm. “God Dammit!” she screamed as she slammed the blade into her tan skin and dragged the blade vertically on her arm, creating a slit just big enough for a blood river. Her screaming came to a halt and turned into a whisper “come back” as little droplets of blood fell to the floor next to her. Her eyes continued to cry but had a haunting glaze casting over them like she had just had a shot of morphine. “Why cant you remember?” she whimpered. “Why?”

Sally laid on the kitchen floor looking up at the ceiling. Memories of her father came back in swarms; one right after the other. She remembered her overdue bills and the money laying on the floor by the front door. It wasn’t going to be enough to cover all of the bills. Sally’s mind went insanely silent for a good while until she was startled by the doorbell ringing. “Shit!” she whispered to herself as she jumped up off of the floor leaving a trail of blood behind her. The doorbell rag again. She looked into the peep hole. Her mouth dropped open. Her eyes widened.”Get the fuck out of here!”  she whispered to herself. The door bell rang again. She ran to the kitchen and wrapped up her arm in paper towels and threw on a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Her hair was still damp from the shower. She quickly threw her hair up in a towel and ran back to the front door, her feet sliding on the wooden floor from being in such a rush. She looks in the peep hole just in time to see the person turn around and walk away. “No!… WAIT!” she yelled as she hurried unlocking the door. Sally swung the door open and yelled “wait! I’m here!” As she turned down the hall, there stood a man in a brown leather jacket with a t-shirt on and old biker boots holding a pieces of mail in his hands. He turned around to face Sally. “Paul?” she said aloud wondering if she were imagining this whole thing taking place. “Wow, Sally! Hi.. it’s.. weird right?” he said as he handed her a stack of 2 letters and a piece of junk mail. “I mean.. First I meet you out on the street and then here I am delivering mail to you that was mistakenly put in my mailbox.” he said with a smile. “I live in 208.” He pointed down the hall. “Holy shit!” she said nervously, still wondering if she was dreaming or died or what. “Uh.. I mean… wow. Hey! That’s great. I’m 218.” He raised an eyebrow at her awkward conversation and smiled because he thought it was endearing. “Hey uh… are you…….REAL?” she said leaning in whispering to him nervously. “Last time I checked… yep. What’s… going on Sally? You ok? You look startled.” Sally began to laugh. “This is crazy. This is my life!” She said slapping her hand with the mail he gave her. “You live here too?” she asked, hoping to get him to start a conversation. “I thought I’d never see you again.. It was weird the way I left.” He laughed. “Well yeah, I mean it’s weird that I’m here also with your mail. It’s almost like I don’t know, maybe we’re meant to know each other. In some way or another.. But you’re really hard to shake Ms. Sally. I thought about you for days after. You’re a mystery woman.” Sally started to blush but the pain from her arm started to kick in as she could feel the paper towel soaking up the blood. She felt a sting and looked down at her arm. “Sally? Are you ok?” She looked back at him and saw him in frames. Her mind was getting dizzy and everything around her seemed quiet and in slow motion. She stared right at Paul and he asked her again. “Sally?? Sally.. you ok??” She slowly nodded her head and fell to the floor. Her front door still slightly open from her running out into the hallway. Paul immediately rushed to her aid. He began to worry. “Sally! Sally answer me! Sally… holy shit she passed out.. Sally! Sally wake up!” He yelled as he gently tapped her cheek and got no response. He jumped up and ran into her apartment and called 911.

“911 what is your emergency?” the operator prompted. “Please, hurry.. this girl her name is Sally Torianna, I just came by her place to drop off mistaken mail and she fell to the floor. I think she passed out. She was acting really funny. I’m trying to wake her up and nothing is working. Please help!!” he said frantically. “What is the address sir?” the operator asked. “1105 Lago Lane.  She’s apartment #218. We’re just outside her apartment in the hallway. Hurry! What do I do?” He begged. “Can you check for a pulse? Do you know where to check for a beating pulse sir?” the operator asked. “Yes.. yes, yes she’s got a pulse but she’s not waking up. What do I do?” “ok, sir.. I understand. Is she bleeding from anywhere?” He checked the back of her head. “Not that I know of.. her head isn’t bleeding. No blood in her nose or ears.” He noticed blood dripping down her hand. “Oh my God! Her left hand. Yes she’s bleeding!” He started to get overwhelmed with worry. He lifted her sweatshirt arm up and saw the gash marks on her skin. “No! No! Sally NO!” He screamed into the phone “Sir, the police are on the way. Can you please tell me what’s going on so I can inform them?” His eyes welled up with tears. How could a beautiful woman like Sally hurt herself? What made her do it? How lonely does a person get? he thought. “She fucking cut herself man! oh God. This can’t be happening. Why?” The operator relayed information to the authorities and medical aid. “Sir, we’re sending an ambulance they should be there any second. Paul sat there next to her body trying to stop the blood with pressure. People in other apartments heard his screams and opened their doors to get a glimpse of what was going on. The paramedics showed up and pulled Paul away from Sally. “Please, let me stay with her.. I know her. She’s a friend, I need to be with her please!” He begged.

He went into Sally’s apartment and grabbed her keys off of the counter. As he turned towards the door he saw the calendar on the wall with the x’s on it. Paul shook his head and locked her apartment door behind him. He drove to the hospital to be with Sally and find out her condition. The hospital staff had him wait in the waiting room until they had more information on Sally’s condition. Hours later, they decided to keep her overnight to watch her and make sure she wouldn’t harm herself or anyone else. They stitched up her wounds and replaced some of the blood she lost. She was minutes away from losing her life. She was drugged up on medications to prevent her from hurting herself or others and for pain. They put her in a corner room. She was awake but groggy from medication. She had no recollection of Paul coming to her apartment. The last thing she remembered was wrapping her arm in the paper towel. Her nurse came in to check on her and as she was taking her vitals, Sally asked the nurse. “How did I get here?” the nurse responded, “well, someone found you and called 911. That’s how you got here.” Sally looked confused. “Who?” she asked. They heard a knock at the hospital room door. “I did. I found you.” Said Paul as he stood there with a bouquet of flowers and a worried look on his face. “Fuck my life” Sally said to the nurse. Paul set the flowers on the table by her bed. “Sally, you ok?” She started to cry. “How did you find me? What happened? How do you know where I live?” He kept a worried face and explained what happened. Sally was beside herself. “Please don’t say anything. I am embarrassed.” Paul asked the nurse to leave so he could have a moment with Sally. Paul walked over to her laying on the bed and whispered “I’m scared for you.” She cried, hiding her face with the palm of her hand. He moved her hand away from her face and leaned in to hug her. “I’m here for you when you need to talk. We need to talk about this. Please, I’m not sure why, but I feel like we’re supposed to know each other for some reason. If I didn’t come to your door, you’d be dead.” He started to get emotional. “Please Sally.. take care of yourself. Promise me ok? I have your keys.. my number is with the nurses outside. Have them call me when you are ready to come back to your apartment.  I have to go.” He was visually upset and it made her feel like shit seeing him upset over something she did. He turned to leave the room and looked back at Sally. “Sally..?” he asked. She could barely see through her tears.. “yeah?” she said with a shaky voice. “That calendar on your wall… Galaxy…. and the money that was on the floor by the front door.. is that related?” She dropped her head in shame “yeah.” He shook his head and walked out of the hospital room.


sally2_003 sally2_005

Sally slowly opened the door. Galaxy dance and strip club was the best in the area. There was a woman behind the bar holding a clipboard in her hands. “Uhm… we’re obviously closed. Can I help you?” She said as she looked Sally up and down. “Um… well.. um, yes. I… I’m here for the contest. I just needed some information.” The woman smiled and lowered her clipboard. “The show starts at 9pm. You need to be here at 8pm. Security will walk you backstage to get ready. Bring a lock! I’m not responsible for anything missing out of your locker. It’s Best Ass night and the more you shake the more chances you have to win. Have you ever done this before?” She asked. “Well actually I used to dance full time. But I’m trying to get out of dancing. My water is getting shut off and I have to pay rent… so thats why I’m here.” The lady grabbed her chest and gasped. “That is the saddest story I’ve ever heard.. you must be so depressed!” Sally was shocked at how sympathetic she reacted. “I am but I try not to let it get me down.” The woman rudely interrupts, “I’m being sarcastic. The depressing truth is, no one gives a shit if your bills are due, you’re homeless, or you’re dying. All we give a shit about is your ass shaking and making us money. Got it? If you win the contest, you get the money and a guest feature booking next Friday. So be here at 8. Bring two songs. The first is to warm up and get the crowds attention and the second song is what you’ll be judged on. Don’t be late and dont waste our fucking time.” Sally smiled. “I promise Mami, I wont. You wont be disappointed.” The woman lifted an eyebrow and motioned Sally to turn around. “Let me see what we’re working with here.. spin around let me see.” Sally spins slowly, arching her back just a tad to push her ass out a little further than its natural position. “You’re definitely a latin chick. Your mama blessed your body. Good luck.” And lifted her clipboard up off of the bar and turned around. “Thank you for thia opportunity. It really means a lot. Thank you!” Sally said as she walked backwards towards the door. “No one cares!” The woman shouted playfully, still with her back turned towards Sally. “Right! Gotcha.” Sally replied nervously. She ran home and immediately went through her closet. Tossing clothes over her shoulder one by one, she accumulated 4 outfits. One of them would be the winner. She tried on a black fishnet jumper and black thigh high stiletto boots. Looking at herself in the mirror, she knew this was not going to work. She needed something sexy. Something that was revealing but teasing. If she was going to win this money she knew she’d have to earn it. She found a sheer white bodycon dress and white 6.5in platform stilettos. She put on the bodycon dress. Her perfect breasts were perky like a 20 year old’s breasts. Her nipples were hardening from the sheer material rubbing against her skin. Under the see through white bodycon dress, she wore a red lace thong. Her hip bones were protruding from the dress. Her Ass barely covered by the dress. “This is the one.” She said out loud complementing her tan skin contrast under the extremely tight white bodycon dress. She rolled her long dark hair and let it fall. Her makeup was a smokey eye and red lips to match her thong. She practiced her moves in the mirror, preparing a routine. This was going to be her night. She needed this. Part of her kept screaming to stop but the hunger of temptation won the battle. She knew what she had to do. For safety, she undressed and put her clothes in a small duffle bag. She was prepared.

It was 7:15. It was time to leave the apartment. She took one last glance at the bills on the table and one last look in the mirror. “You can do this Sally. Its just one night.” She said staring at herself all made up and ready to go. She walked over to the bookshelf next to the front door and picked up the picture frame holding a picture of her father. “Forgive me Papa.. for I’m about to sin.” She whispered, as she left a red lip stain on the glass of the frame.


You wouldn’t expect a clown to be sad. They are happy! The symbolism of a clown crying is so relative to people everywhere.

You cover your face with paint to make people happy. You hide who you really are.

Clowns are supposed  to be the most joyous people on earth. Aren’t we all? When there’s a sad clown it is the saddest person in the world. Because not even the makeup can cover up such honest tears.


“Black rivers of tears are running down your face

Cutting like  a sword through your facade of paint

Emotions are taking over, the world see’s your pain

No matter how hard you try, your smile is fake

They are all watching, you cannot break down

You have to pull it together, they’re all counting on you now

The show must go on they can’t see you frown

‘Cuz no one finds it funny, when there’s tears on a clown.” — Sarah Jean. (An excerpt from a song I wrote called ‘Sadness’.)


Sally rolled over and pounded the buzzing alarm clock with her fist. The sun was beaming through her apartment window and the inevitable was coming. It was time to get up for work!  The first 2 weeks of work were slow for Sally because she was allowed a few tables to wait on until she got more experience. Feeling hopeful, she reached under the bed for her vintage lunch box. Inside is where she kept her tip money. The past 12 days she’s worked 83 hours. She shook the lunch box to hear the jingle. She clumsily steps out of bed, tip-toeing over stilettos to get to her apron from last night. She took out twenty two dollars and sixty seven cents. Carefully opening the lunch box, she was a little disappointed at what she saw. A lot of single dollar bills and change. She turns her head to the calendar on her bedroom wall. Each day had an X on it to mark another day of solid and sober independence. She remembered the date of August 4th, being the day her water would be shut off. She still didn’t make a payment. She needed $140.39 to cover for the last two months that she missed her payment. She had two days until rent was at the final day for payment before they charge late fee’s. Feeling the pressure of life building up, Sally began to count the dollars one by one.

Sally started to get emotional as she laid down the last dollar down with the count of three hundred and seventy eight. That would be enough for the water but how will she get another 500 to cover rent? Her apartment was $650 a month and it was so much easier to pay before when she was dancing. She shook her head. “No… it’s not worth it Sally. You’ve been so good. Get those thoughts out of your mind” she said to herself as she stifled back tears. She tossed the money back into the lunch box and slid it back under her bed.

Feeling the stress mount up inside her, she stomps to the kitchen to feed the growl in her stomach. She opens up the cupboard and sees the can of instant coffee. Not even that can make her smile today. She pushes it out of the way and reaches for a box of cereal. “ohhhhh what? nooo!” she says out loud to herself as she sees she forgot to close the box. “It’s probably stale. Grreeeaaaat!” she flips the lid of the box and opens another cabinet to look for a bowl. As she turns back to the cereal box she jumps and screams. A Cockroach was making it’s way out of the box. “Fucking Roach!!!!!” she screamed. Disgusted, she reached for a spatula and swatted at the box while screaming like a little girl. The roach hid underneath the flap of the box. “You wait right there you nasty fucker!” she yelled while she ran to her room to grab a stiletto. She hesitated for a minute, grossing herself out at the sight of a roach in her cereal box. She slammed the shoe down on the lid of the box. Cereal went everywhere all over the floor. But she definitely killed the roach.

Finally calming herself down, she cleaned up the mess and hopped in the shower to get ready for the day. She decided to walk today. Where? It didn’t really matter. Wherever the wind would take her. Today was her day off. Before leaving the house, she surfed the web and checked out craigslist to look for any extra possible income. She saw “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CONTEST” She clicked the link out of curiosity and found this:

Welcome to Galaxy Dance and Strip Club. We are holding a contest for BEST IN AZZ so bring your sexy asses down here and shake what your momma gave you! What is the prize? We have a FIVE HUNDRED dollar prize folks, you don’t want to miss this! Small asses, big asses, even  Jack asses! You name it, we’ll have it! But we will only award the BEST! Call Starr for details or show up ready to go.

“Wow… five hundred dollars.. that would help me a LOT” she thought. But Sally felt guilty. She knew that the path she was on, was the right path for her and she remembered the pain and drug use and stealing of her previous path when she was dancing. “Maybe one time won’t hurt right?? I mean.. it’s just one night. I’ll go back to serving again, I promise!” she battled within herself weighing the pro’s and con’s of dancing and stripping for money again. “Yes it’s a lot of money for one night. Yes I feel extremely guilty afterwards. Yes I hate myself for days. Yes I need to pay my bills. No, I don’t to be some stripper and men look at me, mostly who are married or have girlfriends at home. I want to be respected. I want to have a life that most people have. Why can’t I ever get ahead and get dealt the same cards as everyone else? Why does life have to be so hard?” She looked at  herself in the mirror. Her face looked tired from working so much. Her eyes were full of worry. Sally watched a tear fall down her cheek and watched as the tear fell into a crease in her aging face. “I’m 34 years old. How long will I be able to do this? I’m not 25 anymore.. I’m supposed to be grown. I’m supposed to be settled down with a family and be living the American dream. That’s what my family sacrificed their lives for.” Sally grabbed her keys and started walking down the street.

She walked by Jacob Square, an advertisement company. She saw a sign on the window that said “Hope, Texas. Where dreams come true!” followed by a picture of a field of purple flowers and a big beautiful lake with ducks swimming around. It instantly made her feel calm and sentimental. “Hope..” she said. “That’s what I need!” She took a picture of the poster on her cell phone and she walked on.

She saw Galaxy Dance and Strip club ahead. It was early in the morning so it was closed but she walked up to the front entrance. She could see one car in the parking lot and a lady inside. That was probably Starr.  “Don’t do it..” she thought. “You’re better than this!” The numbers were adding up in her brain and Sally stood there confused and hopeless. Sally closed her eyes and put her hand on the door handle.